Mid Week


            Decent day at work. Got some paperwork done. Went for a walk. Watched Monday Night Football.



            Decent day at work, spent most of my time in the lab. Went to get an eye check-up. Got their at my appointed time, saw a doctor for maybe 7 minutes, waited 45 minutes, read a newspaper, saw the second doctor for 7 minutes, everything fine: return in two years. Total time of 1hr over two years really isn’t that bad, I suppose. No walk as it was raining. First self-cooked dinner wasn’t a sandwich in what felt like weeks. Salmon in a herb-wine sauce with sweet mustard glaze, over pasta, with creamed spinach. Took a while to make and clean-up afterwards, which is the real reason I make sandwiches: they take as much time to take the ingredients in and out of the fridge as they take to make and eat.  Watched some EUEFA Football (the UK/Spain game was good).



            Decent day at work, all meetings and other research planning. Got my car serviced (2nd Scheduled Warranty Service) and then did some grocery shopping on my way home. Rain had cleared off so planned a walk but realised there was still so much standing water I wouldn’t be able to leave my road without getting me feet wet. Maybe I’ll go lift some weights later (yeah, right). Cheese and sweet-roll sandwiches for supper (see, easy). Watching EUEFA again. Well, listening really, as I’m doing electronic filing as well. And the laundry. Wash at night (& fold), dry in the day when I’m gone and the A/C isn’t turned on. (Its either raining or no wind, so can’t use the windows yet this year.) Got a telephone call from Suzanne tonight. Always a highlight. I’m under instructions not to stay up late. How’d she know I wonder? (Of course, since she didn’t know how late it was for her when she called me, I figure I’m OK.) But it does mean that I’m off to bed now.


Why Exercise is bad for you:

Last week one of the guys at work hurt his back (off work for a couple of days) at the gym. On Monday I had to dodge cars & puddles on my walk. Is it really worth the risk to life and limb just to live longer?

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