Almost the end of the week

It’s been a busy week. Chatted (IM) with Arturo on Sunday night. We were both going looking turtles the next day, just in two different countries. DoE were jumping turtles on Monday & Tuesday. The weather was uncooperative so we had to work to get our 6. What was more annoying though was that I missed the only one I got a good jump on. Very maddening. Can’t wait for the rematch next week.


Meetings all day on Wednesday (it felt like). At least it didn’t rain on the laundry I put out to dry when I left for work that morning and then I had a nice chat (IM) with Suzanna. I had to go in early on Thursday to get some work done. It was either that or skip the benthic mapping. Which involves being towed behind a boat (powered snorkelling) out on the deep reefs. Spotted a tiny pipe-horse on a dive this afternoon, which I was very psyched by. Felt like a dive master (they’re always finding this cool stuff no one else spots.)


I’ve found a use for You-Tube. Weird Al videos (linked to from Slate no less). On the down side, I brought home my speaking notes for a high school presentation tomorrow, but, they’re not getting reviewed now. Oh well.

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