Well, we spent the last three days cruising around trying to catch turtles. We went out last week and tagged six green turtles with sonic trackers and time-depth-temperature recorders. This week we had to re-catch them and retrieve the recorders. We caught two the first day. One the second day. And none the first day. A perfect mathematical regression. On Friday we barely even heard a peep from any of the tagged turtles. At least I caught the two I jumped the first days. Which I was very happy about. I’d missed the last couple I jumped so it was very fulfilling to hi both of my jumps right.
Spent the morning reading a novel. Now I’m just hoping the rain squall will hold off long enough for my laundry to finish drying on the line. This afternoon I have a mangrove tour for the National Trust. Not sure if I want the weather to hold off for that or not. I don’t really have the time next week to take the time-in-lieu.
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