Red Tape

Had a classic red tape experience today. I’m selling my Suzuki jeep (bye-bye buddy) and a woman is buying it for her rental car company. (A perfect outcome since it’s a great little car but it needs the regular mechanical attention that I can’t give it). So we get into the Vehicle Registration desk (I’ve just had to use her small screwdriver to take my plates off since as a rental car it will need new registration). There’s a new rule that you now need your Trade & Business Licence to register company owned cars. But said board has been months slow in returning her Licence to her after renewal. And she can’t’ register it in her own name because the insurance papers she just took out are in the company’s name. The poor woman was not amused to say the least.

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One Response to Red Tape

  1. John says:

    Just as a follow-up, but I\’ve srtill been getting lots of calls for the car even after its been sold. Validates my opinion that it was was worth more than $2k but that posting it at the low price would move it fast.

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