Tuesday Outing

I hit a bunch more computer game stores today, both high-street disk stores and specialist game stores, still couldn’t find the two I wanted. Looks like I’ll have to mail order them then. Probably do it so they’ll meet me in Cayman to start off the new year in  fugue of sleeplessness. I’ll have to get a new chair for sitting long hours at the computer.
My feet and legs were killing me by the time I stumbled home, then Suzanne wanted to KFC for dinner and the only one she knew was in the food court at Victoria station. No crisp & spicy, no seasoning salt on the fries, "English" coleslaw,  she was not impressed.  So, that’s out of her system for the next two months.
We went and saw the movie "Eragon" afterwards. Decent, but we can’t complain about the cost of movies in Cayman, thats for one darn shilling.
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