Almost New Year

We’re back in central London now. Luana’s apartment is super, with lovely views, at the end of a one hour train journey through delightful countryside. We all had a good Christmas up there. Everyone agreed it was preferable to spending it alone though not necessarily as good as being with our traditional families. The food was delicious however and we ate as if that was the point of the celebration. Actually, to an extent, the food was the centrepiece of the weekend.
Luana’s computer really got a workout. She’s got a laptop with wireless internet which people were using a lot, checking email, web browsing, etc. Its funny how "computer" has become almost a synonym for "web access". I wont go as far as the person who said that modern computers are practically worthless without networking (I may be overstating his claim slightly). If we think how much people used letters & telephones & radio & TV and then realise that the internet is replacing all these forms of communication to greater or lesser extents, as well as other forms of human interaction, e.g., shopping. Its not that the computer is the internet but that the internet is everyone else. Even in a room full of people you can still have someone talking on a cell phone (where’s the VOIP service?) while IMing someone else on the laptop. See, Christmas was about people, not just food.
It also wasn’t computerless, but its nice being back where I can get my full fix of screen radiation. Maybe I’m suffering from lack of light and using the computer screen as a sun bed. More likely its because I use the computer for a lot more than just internet. Actually, most of the time I’m on here its just me and the little electrodes of imagination.
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