Week Starts

Well the week has started quite stiffly. Struggles and successess. On the balance its all good, however.
Monday started off nicely before I left home then went down hill as I managed to get myself hit pulling into traffic. Minor damage to our car and thankfully no one hurt. (The other combatant was still at our insurance company 2 hours later trying to get the repairs to her car sorted. Its a very foreign car.) Ended work on a low note with some scheduling conflicts looming. Had a good church committee meeting. Much was accomplished for little waffling. So little, in fact, that we were able to catch the late show: Ghost Rider. A decent flick but somehow the Ghost Rider looked cooler in the comic books. Still a fun movie with nothing to complain about and actors who were enjoyable to watch.
Tuesday at work saw everyone heading out on a mass of projects. The scheduling conflict got solved in my favour through a lucky rulling by or boss who I had not meant to overhear our conversation regarding it. Still, I’ll take luck over not luck any day. The work went fast which is as good as it gets. Even managed to stay relatively dry (an accomplishment when you’re sampling water, which is wet) untill the end fo the day when I went to help someone else pull their boat out of the water.
Now supper is about cooked and I’m off to play video games.
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