Monday’s Musings

The sun is setting in Cayman. I know this because I was on my back stoop reading the papers and just got finished as the print stopped being easy to see. Now I’m inside trying to be a good boy and update my account records & pay some bills, before playing computer games. Before being the operative word. So thats Monday. Another day, another dive, another dollar. And spending them dollars of course.
We’re still talking about the boat trip Friday. Mostly to pick at the guy who didn’t come with us and other friends. As someone else described it:
"Just wanted to show you all what we saw on Friday. The second picture is hard to see them as they were quite far away but the first one is OK. We think they are some sort of bottlenose whale, not dolphin, but can’t narrow it down any more than that. We saw 5 all together, 4 adults and one calf (7 feet long though). The adults were 12-15 ft and looked just like dolphins in color but the dorsal fin was very small and far back." – I’d just add that they were a darker grey than dolphins and that bottlenose whales are a type of beaked whale (and not the type I think these were, but, like we said, we can’t really ID them to species unfortunately).
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