Another Weekend

Well, its another weekend and again I didn’t get anything posted during the week. But this time I have some "good" excuses:
Monday – We went out on a boat with my family. Mu uncle/cousin have a new boat for running tourist trips (the one we used Saturday) and were showing it off by taking the extended family on a full moon cruise. Very good.
Tuesday – Suzanne’s birthday so we went to Church (the service was for easter, not for her) and then cake & icecream with her family.
Wednesday – The Symphony was playing at a restaurant so we wnet for a night of good food and pleasant music. the restaurant really outdid itself witht he food. It was a set menus which gave them a chance to be really creative and to make sure that everything was cooked to perfection. (Except maybe the conch chowder to start with but we forgave them after the rest fo the meal.) The band palyed throught he whole night, no breaks, no food. All they needed was some more upbeat music to end on, but thats a small complaint.
Thursday – We celebrated my grandfather’s birthday with pizza and yamm cake. Mmmmmm. And this was after saying "bye" to a voulnteer whose been working with us for a couple of months now.
Friday – OK, no good excuse for yesterday. We had a restfull day and I made a start on my goal of making use fo the long weekend to tune up computers, which I usually put off for too long anyway. This morning I’ve cleared out one of my email services so its all work again. Riiiiight.
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