So Much To Do, So Little Time

It’s a long weekend so I have Monday off. As always it’s a cornucopia of relaxing possibilities. (A) work on my computer. There’s always something needs tweaking or updating on the computer(s) and I try to do it on the public holidays, to make sure I keep up to date. (B) Play computer games. I’ve got a new game playing! (C) Read Books, always a good choice. (D) Watch TV, because how often can you lie around and watch TV during the day. (E) Go to a beach party and (F)


Well, (A) is a lot like work, (B) is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days so I should probably take a break, (C) is best done a chapter at a time to stretch them out (D) well, if tonight is anything to go by there’s not going to be a lot on which leaves (E) and, really, how many parties are there in a year? (But need to be home in time to watch the end of 24.)


So, (E) it is, with a healthy dose of (D) since the magic box is so enthralling and, who am I kidding, some (B) as well.


As for (G) work around the house? Yeah, that’s even less likely than (A). Though I may get the dish drainer cleared out tonight. Maybe. Depends how good The Simpsons are. They’re doing a 24 pastiche.

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