Week End

Wednesday we had a little beach party for some people who were going away, returning to England after a couple of months of research down here. It was my suggestion instead of a kitschy restaurant. Except that the part I thought self-evident, that you go in the sea at a beach party, didn’t get translated into English. Oh well, I had a nice swim before everyone else got to thte beach and we started just hanging out. We were havign such a chatty time we didn’t even notice the sun set.
Thursday we did our final day of conch survey in Grand Cayman, found a decent number which was a good way to end everything. That and th egood weather was also much appreciated. No wind, rain and lightening are good things.
Friday was another get together to celebrate a couple fo June birthdays, including mine. We were all so into the groove we even ate most of the cake this time. And no complaints that it doesn’t go well with adult libations.
Saturday was a day of relaxation. Got some writing done. Played many hours of Civilization II. Vegetative states are good.
Sunday is looking to be more sitting around. Gonna try and answer some emails and do the accounts, though, so it’ll be a more productive but equally low energy day.
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