Got a lot done today. Which is a depressing thing to say about a Saturday. Since I was up all night I got started early.


I did some work on my bicycle and got the chain into high gear. Not sure what I did, but it worked. So I could ride into work in the morning and pick up my car. I’d checked the distance yesterday when I drove home and it was a bit under 5 miles. My legs were wobbly for longer after the ride than the ride itself took.


I picked up some caulking at the hardware store and spent a couple of hours putting a soap dish back into the bathtub. Not a perfect job. Couldn’t get the caulking in around the sides as far as I wanted. Should have put more in behind the dish at the start. Guess it was really a two-person job. One person to hold the dish in place as it set and the other to wipe up the excess as it squeezed out. However, the finish work on it looked quite good, good enough for my dad or wife to approve of I think, probably precisely because of my decision not to have loads of extra caulk behind it.


 Hopefully it’ll stay in place. Haven’t heard any loud thumps yet but the real test will be Monday when I shower. It needs 24hrs to set so I’ll be taking my Sunday bath downstairs.


Fortunately Suzanne’s bike is out of the tub downstairs. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend were also looking to ride into town to pick up her car. Unfortunately she hit a pot hole straight on and blew out Suzanne’s tire. So he had to walk that bike home while she continued on my bike to get the car. They took the bust tire to Uncle Bills and got a new tube put in it.


I got all of the dirty dishes in the sink into the drainer so I was very impressed with myself. Finished off the day with a quick run to the grocery store for milk (always) and butter for my pasta sauces for the week.


Well, I’m heading back for the couch as my head is full of fuzz after 36 odd hours with out sleep.

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