Just spent three days in Little Cayman chasing turtles. We had a good trip. We equaled our prevous best catch total. (Couldn’t get that last one to break the record though, despite over ninety minutes of looking on the last day seeing nothing but previous captures and one overly skitish runner.) However I had a couple of good chases and some good catches. Especially one nice sized fellow at the end of the second day. We had moored the boat to work up the last couple and I went for a snorkle keeping an eye out for the elusive number 15 (how many we had decided the night before we wanted to catch). After a short trail of a skitish green I found a nice hawksbill swimming around. THe usuall targets are on the botom (sitting ducks are easier) and take two people to catch. This one I was able to fin down to, real gentle and friendly like, grabbing him at the last second. He twisted out of my grip but I was able to cut inside him as he circled me getting ready to rake off and didn’t miss the second time. I accidentally caught him again the thrid day, pulling him off the reef at 60′. I’m not sure who was more annoyed, him or me when I found out he’d rubbed his capture mark off overnight. Sort of set the tone for the rest of that day. Oh well. Next year.
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