Friday – Suzanne had to go in to work early for a breakfast TV spot. So we go to leave work early. Although we spent some of that free time running errands, like paying the rent and collecting my car from the repair yard we still had time to go for a walk as well.


Saturday – Slept in, did the grocery shopping, some electronic paperwork while Suzanne was at a funeral then set up a stereo (amazing what you can find at the grocery store these days) for her mom for a party that night.


Sunday – Church then a big lunch for the birthday of Suzanne’s grandmother and a family friend. Got a bike ride in before settling down for the night to watch videos.


Monday – Back to work, again in early for Suzanne (we’re still car pooling but voluntarily environmentally not out of necessity). However, this didn’t translate into us getting away early because her morning meeting got moved back to the afternoon. However, it wasn’t a total waste of time as I was able to run some errands and still get a bike ride in after we got home.

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