Wow. where has the weekend gone. So much for my grand plans. Still, I got some errnads done and its been fairly restfull as well. Plus saw some whistling ducks flying around on my evening bike rides. Their flying in from a day of foragging to a local pond where a bunch of them roost and one of the houses puts out feed in the evening. Just a few more jobs this evening. Such as backing up my computer before taking it in for repairs this week.
I’ve a love-hate relationship with it right now. Specificcaly my Norton Antivrus. Its not been showing its auto-detect feature as working despite me poking at it several times today. I’d given up and decided I’d just have to run manual scans regularly (including one today). Then I got an IM virus from a frien.d Clicked on it but (a) nothing happened) and (b) he wasn’t talking. Hmmmm. Shut everything down, lock the internet connection, run AV on the file. Yup, W32.Neeris. However, the Anit-Virus events log showed that the auto-detect function picked up the virus and stopped it when it tried to run itself (or I tried to run it). Yeah. I can back up my computer in the relative expectation of not backing up a live virus. Probably should just run an AV check again anyway, just to be sure.
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