Friday was quite a long day. We were up before the sun to go to the gym. Then through the conference to West Bay to pick up something back to the office to collect/deposit equipment and change my shirt, then to dinner with Suzanne, out to the fireworks, meeting up with Lisa and some of the delegates she was squiring around, staying out through the first part of the festivities to the street dance (not very good, so we headed home ‘early’).
Didn’t get anythin done on Saturday. Of course, that involved dropping off the dry cleaning, stopping at the bike store for tire inflator converters, to the garden store (Suzanne is planning to garden this weekend or sometime) lunch and taking fowers from the store to the church then grocery shopping and picking up videos which we proceeded to watch the rest of the evening. Oh yeah, washed and line-dried a couple of loads of clothes too.
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