Well, I’ve gotten the computer working more like its old self again. (Though it still doesn’t completely feel up to speed.) The video & sound cards now have their extra power leads hooked up. Unfortunately the handling has resulted in a fan whine that’s really annoying. On the bright side it was so much easier to pull out and re-hutch the computer with the desk pulled out like it is now giving access to the back panel without contortions.


I’ve got my nice non-admin log-in working. Only to discover that it means I can’t update my virus definitions from this account. No wonder they want everything set to auto-updates.


The second monitor is (sorta) working as is the external sound pod. But the microphone part of the headphones isn’t. I think that’s a software problem. More installing to go then. Also while the printer is working the scan function isn’t. That was a straight software install problem so we’ll see how that gets resolved in the coming weeks.


Its been a long day. Still more to go before I sleep.

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