Its a lovely night for watching the lunar eclipse. No breeze but its not hot and that means there ae no clouds scudding across the screen. The only problem is the show is a bit slow to develop.
Its a mediocre night for dog catching. I notice this movement at my window earlier, its a dog peering in. So I go out and catch him. He’d friendly and easy to catch, but then I notice that the other dog has gotten out of her cage as well. So I get my ‘brother-in-law’ and we got dog one tiued back up but by then can’t find dog 2. Either she got smart and hunkered down in antisocial silence so we couldn’t see her among the bushes or she found the far gate wide open and kepot on walking. Oh well. At least we did our "due diligence" as he said.
Cell phones make people silly. They’ll call you, while driving around a large gathering of pedestrians, just to tell you that they’re driving around a large gathering of pedestrians. At night. Cell phones should be left off except when actually needed. Thats my philosophy and I’m sticking with it. For now.
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