Saturday – Sunday

Went fishing from early Saturday morning, burned a tank of gas, choppy weather, broke the outrigger at the fuel dock in the evening and didn’t cath anything all day. On the bright side for Saturday, playing computer Monopoly, I did roll three 10s in a row, after rolling a 5, starting from Free Parking. Thats all four railroads purchased on rolls, in a row. Excellent.
Had to reset the computer problem again this morning, but at least I’m getting the reset down to a simpler process. And I’ve confirmed to myself that its a problem with the drivers for my video card. I’m going to have to try wiping & reinstalling the drivers or pull the card (probably try it in that order). [Possibly its because of the new MoBo & Windows I had to get a few months ago, if the shop used ‘bad’ drivers when I triggered one of my old games it caused a persistent memory error, so I need to reinstall the good drivers if I can find them and hope that works so I can play games.] If I’m annoyed by having to do a reset every couple of days I can’t wait untill Suzannne starts cursing it. I need to work on that this evening so I’ll still have a free day tomorrow if things go wrong. But first, today, is lunch with Suzannes greater family.
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One Response to Saturday – Sunday

  1. John says:

    Well, we have now celebated this holy day in trditional Caymanian style, by eating \’till we belly full. Of course, that means that we didn\’t get home from lunch untill almost 8pm. (And we left people there still talking strong and about 6 people playing dominoes.)

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