Mondays, Bah

I’ve got a couple of little guppies on my desk in a vase with a plant in it. One died over the long Easter weekend so I changed the water and replaced him with 4 more. One died and this morning two more were dead. A fourth doesn’t look so good. There’s one last healthy and happy guppy still. We’ll see if he makes it another day or so before getting him a friend. When I first set up the vase I let it sit with water & plant for a while before adding one guppy and then a while later a second. Maybe I shouldn’t have rushed the water/fish change this time.


I spent a couple of hours at the banks today, mostly because FCB is slooooowww and partly because a lot of other people were at them also. Consequently I had to go to a satellite branch that’s open after 5 to finish the last of it. I stopped at a satellite home supplies store in the same plaza but they didn’t have the item I was looking for in stock. Then I got home after not going to the grocery store in the plaza only to find the ingredients I thought I had I didn’t have. Double-Bah & a humbug.

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