Its been a long and tiring few days. A lot of work and I’m aparently still fighting off a cold (either my old one or a new one) so I’m too zonked each evening to do anything except veg out. Like tonight: read, watch TV. I was going to go to Suzanne’s constitutional meeting in my church hall but that plan evaporated.  Anything more thought provoking than simple computer games is as much as I’m getting done on this screen.
Loging time: Tuesday was water smpling. We got delayed helping look for a couple of divers that got swept away by currents. They were lucky one of our enforcement guys was out as well because he was able to make a fast run out the chanel and as he toped a wave they toped a wave and he spotted them. The dive boat and us had been looking inside the reef where they were last seen. – Wednesday I had an interview for the GIS TV show on the Reef Watch we’re doing for Earth Week. – Thursday I spent the day setting up and running a "Real Science" class for the Catholic School A-Level Biology class. We took them to do water samples at our mangrove nursery and one of our regular sites then had them do some of the analyses so they coudl see what science is really like.
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