Not quite a week later

I’ve got the computer today (Thursday) because I left work early to do some shopping and go to one of Suzanne’s meetings but since the store didn’t have what I wanted I had too much time on my hands so came home to get some other work done. Or play video games. I’m not sure which it will be.
Wednesday was a good day. Any day you don’t go to the office is a good day as I quipped to a coworker. I went from home to the boat to back home at the end of the day. Should do the same next week, only for a longer day on the boat.
Tuesday my Aunt called at work which forstalled me going to see my cousin to find out how she did on her Chem test on Monday. My cousin said (imagine a teenage girl talking really fast and using many more words) that she thinks she did well and that my tutoring helped. I feel good.
Monday, well, it was a Monday.
Sunday we went to lunch with Suzanne’s family at a place which was completely out of its league form mother’s day lunch so our booked table wasn’t booked and they ran out of food from the advertised menu. Then we went down to my family, late from the delyed-long lunch, to find out that we were the first to arrive. It was all good fun.
Saturday I’m sure was a ood day. I don’t think I did anything I didn’t have to, except maybe move from the bed to the couch whcih I guess technically I didn’t have to except the TV is downstairs. Suzanne was on the computer so I watched some good old TV shows and movies. I don’t get the news Galatica but I get the old one. Go figure. And SWAT is as good as any of the crime dramas on TV now, but with more shooting. Bang. Bang. It’s like a Western. Not "Fastest Gun In The West". That didn’t actually have much gunfighting for its name. Maybe like "The Sons of Kattie Elder". Which I hadn’t realised was "4 Brothers" untill I watched snatches of it.
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