Long Weekend

Saturday – Well, I didn’t get everything done on Friday that I wanted to so I spent the mornign backing up my computer, doing my accounts, then backing them up again. Then we went shopping for the afternoon. All afternoon. Untill I had to go let some visiting scientists in to the lab for a while. Then I went shopping again. Nothing got done Saturday evening after all that.
Sunday – Suzanne cooked two big pots of pillau and I pulled my computer apart. Her family lunch was a picknick at the beach (hence the pillau) and we left about sunset. Spent a bit more fruitless time working at the computer then gave up till today.
Monday – Somebody discovered something a long time ago, I think, so we all go tthe day off, I know. Worked more at the computer, dug a trench in the garden for flower bed edging, let the scientists back into the lab, finished working at the computer, dug another trench in the yard. We had dinner outside and now Suzanne has grabbed the computer so I must have done a good job with it. I pulled the video card out so it starts faster but can only run one monitor, her small LCD, so my big CRT is consigned to the closet and she gets more space on teh desk to lay out papers. I pulled out the sound card so now the microphone works but there are no speakers (only headphones). So, everythings running off the MoBo but I wasn’t getting much time to play lots of games anyway, though thats not really the point. Guess its just another indication that Flashy is on its last legs.
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