End of Week

Friday I spent the morning cleaning out my desk at work. That afternoon, after a stint in the lab when everyone called for me and was told I was out on a baot I went out on a boat. A quick run to test if it was fixed, through some standard miscomunication, turned into a longer expedition than expected. Then I niped down to church to help with some prep for Sunday.
Saturday I spent a couple of hours giving a one hour talk to a group of teenagers. Only a few of them fell asleep. Then we spent a while at the local home & garden show, getting ideas for building our place.
Sunday was down to West Bay where our young adults group put on a small skit for the ‘Time With The Children’. We ended the day going to a fish fry in East End. That was a good way to finish the weekend.
Since Monday my major tasks are (a) reclutter my desk now that the office renovation is completed (its amazing how much work a team of hard workers who know what they’re doing can do so quickly) (b) prep equipment for Tuesday’s field work and (c) prep equipment for Wednesday’s field work (I should do some electronic paperwork also, but lets be realistic here) my plan had been to sleep in a bit. Get to work say 9 or 9:30. It was just the act of sleeping in I was looking for. Its now 6:30am and I’ve had breakfast after coming back from my walk already. Suzanne decided she wanted to start back walking this morning and she likes to go early before it gets hot. She’s now asleep on the couch. Sigh.
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