Return of the Man

LAst week I attended a science conference on Conchs in San Andres (Colombia). It took me 4 days of travelling for a 3 day conference. Now thats bad connections. As it was, on my return through Miami, Immiration was slow & luggage check not particularly fast so by the time I got to the counter they had closed but put me on anyway then security was going fine untill the chap in front of me got all tied up with some fo his stuff through the scanner and some not so after jumping him in the que I dashed to my gate (fortunatley not far) holding my pants up because the plane should have started boarding already. Riiiight. Not that I had much time waiting but at least you can rely on airlines not to be less delayed than their passengers. Of course they’re still faster than the luggage transferers so I’ve got to go to the airport today to pick up my suitcase. Could be worse, on my way to San Andres my sutcase was lost in Havana for a couple fo days so I’ve only had my stuff for two nights out of the last six. Litterally. Tough it has given my beard a chance to get nicely ‘manly’.
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