I didn’t do anything except read comics (online) all day Saturday, untill I went to meet my church group to paint potterry at 4pm. Only my sister turned up so we skipped and hung out at my house untill 6 when she and I and another of our friends went to diner for my suiser’s birthday (must pyut that date in my Outlook for next year). Sunday after picking up suzanne and having a late breakfast we had lunch with her family (allways nice) then had to rescue a closet full of stuff as it broke down the metal wire shelving system. Oddly I and someone else had been looking at it a week ago and he had recounted a similar tail of falling clothes that had happened to him once. At least we were here to catch it.
I got up Monday and took a walk. My last 14 minutes were as long a distance as my first 14 so I didn’t slack off my pace which I hope makes up for not doing 30 minutes of excercise. If I atay on plan I’ll go for a bike ride this afternoon to make up time, but we’ll see about that. I’m still nto sure about the idea of going walking when I’m supposed to be bright-eyed through meetings at work today.
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