More Days

Monday was the last of my ‘long weekend’ days off. I cleaned up the house and cooked dinner for a bunch of my cousins (and spouses) whoc ame over for dinner. The low point of the day was Suzanne breaking the computer. Technically I should admit that it crashing had nothing to do with her. I still suspect the HD cable. However, it just seems to love making her hate it. I’ve got it out of its hutch now with the side panel off and after a couple of little tweaks of the spaghetti its working fine, not even humming. Go figure. I may just put it back in like this so we can tweak it whenever it acts up untill I havetime to really diagnose the problem, whcih I hadn’t gotten around to doing before I packed it back in for the storm.
As a side note its amazing how little reporting I’m seeing about hurricane damage. That the hurricane missed New Orleans and they’re cleaning up and waiting to get people back in is it. Its like the news out of Cuba. I’m wondering what happened to the little Luissiana towns that actually were in the way. Even Haiti is reporting more about Hanna and its only a tropical storm (of course that unfortunately doesn’t stop them from having deadly land slides).
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