Long Weekend

Sunday we went to church (love the 11:30 mass, no early alarms) then lunch w/ suzanne’s family.
Monday Suzanne went to work and then I rolled out of bed and went for a walk with the dog. Spent some time at her store being IT-Man (moving the Point-Of-Sale computer from the back office to the front desk) and another hour or two grocery shopping. the rest of the afternoon was spent slving over a hot stove. Just took the last dish off the fire and our dinner guests should be here in about an hour – perfect. Just time to chain the dog (he’s very friendly as my muddy clothe from this morning can attest) and take a shower. Actually, one fo Suzanne’s college friends is here now (she’s in Cayman applying for a job) but that’s OK because Suzanne can entertain her. The other two coupels tonight are from my office so I’ll need to be presentable when they get here.
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