I got out for a good walk down to the end of the road on Wednesday. When I came out the dogs weren’t around and though the yappy one spied me and came out into the middle of the street to watch me walk away the big puppy didn’t come following (perhaps because I walked on the wrong side fo the road so the neighbour dogs didn’t start barking). When he’s with me I don’t walk to the end of th eroad because there are several barking dogs down there and I don’t want to encourage them to wake the neighbourhood up more than necessarry. – Had a paper day at the office then escorted Suzanne to a constitutional reception which was actually less boring than it sounds, probably because several of my extended family were there, which Suzanne had a great time pointing out to people.
Thursday I looked out the door glass and saw the dogs waiting for me int he car park so took my bicycle instead. Of course the yappy one shied away barking then chased me barking and snapping, withthe big puppy thinking its all great fun, for a cuple of house lots untill she got distracted by running into someone’s yard to annoy their dog. The big pupy was left standing in the road trying to decide which direction would eb more fun. Had a good long ride so my new goal is now 1hr which means I really can’t lie around when the alarm goes off. Also I’m going to have to start caging or chaining the dogs as they’re just too much trouble in the mornings otherwise. Actually, if I have to stop and mess with them each time they’re just too much trouble period.
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