Wet Week

The weather’s been a bit wet this week. We had a nice day under water on Monday. Tuesday was more rainy but we stayed dry all morning despite the clouds untill we were pulling up at teh dock and just weren’t fast enough to beat the rain band. Not bad when you consider that we could see the lightening striking on the other side of the land when we were going down one canal. Very glad we weren’t working on thta suide fo the Island.  Wednesday we stayed outside of the rain again. Today we had two delightfull dives and after coming up fromt eh second one nice and slow we ran like a bat out of hell from the rain band that was bearing down on us. Fortunately we were able to stay in the sun between the band behind us and the band over land where we were going. 30+ knots all the way from East End to the GT Barcadere. when you’re out of the rain the weather is great (light winds, 1ft seas). We’ll see how we make out tomorrow.
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