The alarm went off early this morning so we could exercise and wash our hair and still carpool to work on time. We promptly turned it off but still got to work on time. We weren’t going to carpool but just as I was leaving there was a bloodcurdling scream. A scorpion had gotten into the bedroom and settled onto the skirt Suzanne had laid out last night to wear to work today. She didn’t see it until she was starting to put the skirt on. Frightening. By the time I had trapped it (thankfully it didn’t move at all) and sprayed it down with bug spray Suzanne was ready to go to work so we did get to carpool. By this evening it was dead (a) from the Baygon sprayed into the cup (weighted down with a book during the day) in which it was trapped and (b) being stomped on with Wellington Boots, just in case.


Banks are such a joke. I have an account at a local bank. We’re adding Suzanne to it. I was told that I had filled in the form but needed extra (unasked) information on her. As she also banks there we went back today to have them just use her information on file. (1) we had to put more stuff on the forms, (2) they could just add her using her information on file but (3) they now needed more information from me as the rules have changed since I opened the account so I have to go back tomorrow with my passport for them to take a copy of that on file. Siiiigh. Fortunately my ‘new’ drivers licence had my new physical address on it otherwise they mightn’t have believed that either (though it was on their computers already).


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