You’d swear I like gardening or something. I’ve watered the plants for two mornings in a row now. Which worked out well as my mother-in-law stopped by with several yesterday evening and I could assure her we’re taking care of the garden. She likes plants so much she’s now having to move her attentions over here as her yard is full. Unfortunately there are some shallow-soil spots along the fence line, whcih is probably why not much grows well there, so she ahd to return with one. She did rip out the dead pine trees and replace them with bougainvilla. I guess she got tired of waiting for us to successfully experiment with replanting pine trees. Now this afternoon I stopped in and picked up some fertilizer and gardening tools (also a collar for the dog). I’ve got an ‘upside down’ tomato plant that’s growing great but not flowering. I had the same problem last year. I’m hopign its a nutrient thing. The plant grows great out of the bottom of the pot but no fruit, which kinda defeats the purpose of a tomatoe plant.
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