The big news tonight is that I’ve been elected (accepted) as one of the members (directors) of our Civil Service Association’s Management Council. Basically we’ve got an association that needs to do a lot more work and now I’m one fo the people to do it.  Unfortunatelty work didn’t go as well as my experiment failed in the lab. On the silver ligning it meant I wasn’t stuck at work late finishing it after spending some time this morning car-pooling Suzanne to work (we always seem to have work to get done before we can start work each day). She’s in the store now trying on new stock while I watch Mariah Carey’s japanese video on the computer. Isn’t the interweb amazing? (Now if this blog programme just had a spell checker built in. Hotmail does, but this doesn’t. Go figure. Guess they want you to download their blog programme, oruse MS Word, which kind of defeats the purpose fo beign able to log on and update from anywhere.)
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One Response to Thursday

  1. Mark says:

    Congrats on your election!

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