New week Again

Wow, its almost been an entire week. Last week was a long one at work. A lot of stuff to try and get done on time and a lot of evenings spent chatting with Suzanne. Saturday night, in classic style, we had two invitations. A birthday dinner and a soiree at my sister’s. We went to the dinner: good food, good people.

Sunday we lay in. We didn’t actually oversleep as the dogs and the sun through the open windows (we haven’t finished the painting we started last weekend) woke us up. We were too tired to go out,though so missed church but made it to lunch at my parent’s. Then we took the boat out as my sister has a friend down from England and wanted to show her the stingrays. It was a vacation afternoon. Suzanne actually wants to start planing our summer Saturdays so we get more in.

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