Just a quick note on why you may not have, or may not in the immediate future, see regular postings from me. It interferes with watching the TV. Its not that I watch that much TV but that the RF static generated by the telephone company’s wired router seems to send our TV signal into spasms, making it unwatchable. First it starts to flicker, then jump, then becomes a static screen then freezes like that. So Suzanne & I now need to both watch TV or both use the internet at the same time. No longer can we multitask.

We haven’t changed any of the equipment or their location, except the cable box which was changed because of bad picture quality.  So, until we can rearrange the equipment (we were planing on rearranging the furniture anyway, switching rooms around, so that may solve everything) or buy a new TV, my internet time will be limited.

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One Response to Sunday

  1. Mark says:

    John,Hope all is well. It sounds as if the cable signal may be too weak to deal with the interference. If possible try a cable signal booster. Hope it works. Cheers, Mark

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