I spent the morning wrangling TV interviews at work then Suzanne called and asked what I planed to do for lunch? She wanted to head out to East End for Heritage Day to get lunch. On our way into the district we saw that my church up there was doing lunches, catching people before they got to the main site, so we stopped in there. On the way up I had voiced an intention to see if anyone was selling ‘rabbit’. But all the church ladies had on their sign was seafood. (Not a particular hardship, conch is a favourite food of mine.) As we were sitting down they updated the sign with beef and … rabbit. D’oh. (They also ran out of cassava cake and Suzanne got the last of the yam cake, but the bisquit cake was quite nice and not something you often get, unlike the other two cakes. Kinda like Rabbit compared to Conch.)
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