Christmas – Long Form



Can you tell its been busy down here because I haven’t updated? Yup, you could tell.

So, after my last posting we had our meeting on Thursday and got our Association’s December newsletter put together. After some piddling reviews it was sent out on the 22nd or thereabout. It is what it is.

After that was the Office Christmas Party on Friday night. Suzanne was really sweet and came about three times, once after her office party, then she went to check on the store and came back then she went home to work on something else (probably store related) and then she came back again. While she was gone I was dancing up a storm then going outside and getting rained on, so I came down with a cold on Saturday.

Not so bad I couldn’t go to my paternal family’s gathering at my parent’s house on Saturday night, but bad enough that I was a bit ‘reserved’. Sunday was rest and recovery. Monday I was well enough to go to work.

Unfortunately Suzanne came down with the cold on Tuesday. She still insisted we go grocery shopping that night. Declaiming that she was not going again until January she made the grocer happy. We both had Wednesday off. She rested and I ran errands. Between naps Suzanne cooked.

Thursday was more errand running, after a half-day of work. 6Pm Christmas mass replaced midnight mass as Suzanne was still feeling under the weather.

Friday was Christmas. We opened our presents. Had breakfast and later lunch with various iterations of her family and finished off with dinner with my mom’s extended side of my family. (Because of time constraints we missed their breakfast, which I made up for by having some fruit cake for pre-breakfast so I wouldn’t be too hungry when real breakfast came around.)

Saturday we’ve been chilling out. Suzanne napped and I worked on my computer.

My ‘old’ Dell 9” Ubuntu SSD computer has an unfix-able battery problem. I know its unfix-able because my computer store got Dell to send me a replacement. Except they don’t make that model any longer. So just before Christmas (an early present in a manner of speaking) my new Dell 11.6” Win7 HD computer came in. While its bigger than I wanted it is still thin and light (with a neat battery ridge for ergonomics) so it should travel OK, just not as well as the small one. Like the other one it’s battery predictor doesn’t work well so I don’t know how long the battery really lasts. More annoyingly Win 7 is slower than the Ubuntu and not as easy to get everything set up. I had forgotten how tetchy computers could be. Almost. So I’ve spent the last several days getting my new computer up to my preferences. Downloaded and installed freeware anti-virus and office software, including email, to replace McAffee & Works and fill a hole in the installed programs. I still need to re-secure the wireless network but then it will be about done. Unless I decide to replace Explorer with Firefox – Or Opera – if I can’t find the in-line spell-checker. Now I just need to get used to the fancier “floating” touch pad which is harder to use. So much so that Suzanne was about ready to pelt the computer away the one time she tried to use it. Its twitchy and there ‘scroll bar’ is replaced with ‘multi-touch’ scrolling. (Hmm, and get Open Office to check spelling properly.)(Do you get the impression that I don’t spell well, especially when I type? Its accurate.)

Merry Christmas All – That Was Mine

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