Our second cold front in a week has arrived with a passion. Overcast skies (occasional drizzles) and a breeze so cool you need to shut windows or put on clothes. (That didn’t sound right, let me explain: I was on my front porch, reading the Sunday paper, drinking my juice, and it was either go inside and read or go inside and put on shoes and perhaps long lounge pants rather than shorts.)

Suzanne is in the kitchen cooking up a storm; or hopefully a weeks worth of food. I’ll just need to whip up the odd ‘pasta night’ for my contribution during the week. (Even over a hot pot, she’s wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and sweat pants. I’m toughing it out in my shorts. Its the Caribbean dag-nab-it.) 

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2 Responses to Sunday

  1. Mark says:

    Dear John,Trust the New Year has been going well. Rather enjoyed the fact you clarified the clothing statement expeditiously! Left unchecked- one might have come to the conclusion you decided to join a more "natural" community! Cheers, Mark

  2. Michael says:

    Hi John & Suzanne,Happy new year to you both. I must say we\’re envious of your cold front – got to -20c here last week and we haven\’t been able to get the car on to the drive for a month because of the snow.All we need is to winn the lottery and we\’re off to somewhere warm!Wishing you all the best for the new year,Michael, Liz, Aimee & Oliver

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