Week Gone

Well, a week has gone by (practically) with no updates. Which is slightly annoying as we did more activities this week than the usual "go to work, go home". Lets see how much I remember.

We (Suzanne, her sister & I) went to the movies one night to watch Sherlock Holmes. Very good. I was a bit worried in the middle when it seemed to be getting serious with the metaphysical mumbo jumbo but they pulled it back with Holmes figuring out the rational explanation for everything.

Suzanne’s other sister got everyone together for snacks for her birthday one evening.

My grand-aunt who was in town left so we all went to dinner with her before she departed. Mmmm, good food. The restaurant was empty, though there was a decent number on the outside patio and around the ‘tiki bar’. As Caymanians we had sat inside hoping to get some A/C but all we got was open windows and fans instead.

My church young adult group had a get-together with our new minister ‘who is a young adult herself’ apparently. Fortunately a respectable showing came out, especially including one off our members from a church on the other end of the island who has a funny story for every occasion and two for those times when there’s nothing else to talk about.

We even made the Sunday Evening Mass which, after having rested through two earlier shows, is noteworthy. Plus I got to watch the two football games as well.

Today is a Holiday Monday. We spent the morning repoting plants we hope to landscape with when we build our place (and doing some other yard work). As much as I dislike gardening we’ve got a lot more to go. I checked the antivirus on our two computers was updated (though I still need to run a scan on Suzanne’s when she finishes looking for area rugs for the new place) and now I’ve got some other ‘homework’ to wade through in the heat of the day. No lazy holidays around here.

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