‘long weekend’

Ash Wednesday is a public holiday here and I had come up with a great plan. I would take off the Tuesday & Thursday as well. Then a meeting came up for Thursday evening. OK, its just a couple of hours. I’ll skip the one in the morning. And the meeting for Tuesday morning, I’ll skip that too. I’m on vacation! Then a big meeting for Tuesday afternoon. Well, its a few hours but OK. Then I was waiting on someone else for some work for Monday that didn’t come in. OK, I’ll go to the office early and get it out before start of business on Tuesday. And since I’m having to go to work I might as well go to the morning meeting anyway. So there went day one of my holidays.

Wednesday we did a whole lot of not much. I did a bit of puttering in the yard and need to backup some bank-balancing and Suzanne did some cooking but that’s about it. Which now will leave Thursday (morning) wherein I will attempt to accomplish all of the other chores and errands I had intended to get done over my three day, midweek, ‘long weekend’, including sleeping in on a work day (mmm, bliss). I think I’ll get started now by playing computer games. 🙂

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