The Next Monday

That its been a wek between updates should indicate teh week its been: busy. Work was very productive, churning through a lot of it untill about Thursday where things kind of ground down for a few hours only to finish with a bang. I had a n evening meeting last Monday, which I was acting as scribe for and managed to not save the work somehow. Tuesday we went by my parents for supper. Wednesday we went to learn how to train our dragon with some friends (good movie) Thursday was grocery evening because Friday was a day off. (There should be a trill of trumpets right there.)
I managed to get out walking every work-day, went for a ride Friday (and watered the plants) then veged out for the rest of the day reading comic backstories online. Saturday for my morning constitutioal I dug holes and shoveled rocks. I dug in garden edging around two small plant beds in the back of the apartment then gravelled them in. That was quite enough excerise for one mornin thank you. It was Suzanne’s brthday so we went plant shopping (a dozen bulbs, a big saucer-pot and a bag of soil therefor) then to ‘brunch’. After that she took a nap, planted her bulbs and got her hair done. (She finally left me alone i the house so I was able to make her birthday pies. Unfortunately they didn’t set properly so we’ve been eating them from cups like pudding. With chopped up bananas mixed in instead of artfully on top they make a nice breakfast.) That evening we went to Easter Vigil Mass. Three hours of it. I did thank her for not forcing me to go to Friday Mass which was also very long and even more over-full; so much so that she didn’t even stay when she got there.
Sunday we slept in a bit, she and her mom wet to watch CARIFTA but got there after the morning sports were finished. I puttered on the computer. Her family lunch was at her aunts (hale and well met uncle made sure the group went through about three bottles of wine; I helped him with his 12 year old Appleton). We watched a few hours of CARIFTA on the TV (Suzanne’s mom left lunch to watch live; aparently its a party in the stands (the announcers actually had to ask the people to quit down so the runners coul here the starter at one point)). Then home to some Farscape and bed.
This morning I went for a ride again. Its funny how you really have to build back into an excercise. My body’s just not used to the pedaling, or the seat, any more. Its going to be a while before I’m back up to a usefull disatance/time I suspect. But its good to have something to vary my walking with on the mornings I don’t have to rush back to water teh plants before going to work. Ahhh, no work today. Of course I have a nice list of ‘work’ still to go, but since some, like taking in the Christmas lights, have been pending for a while its not terrible i they dont’ get done. But they will get done. Just as soon as I finish breakfast and work up some energy again.
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