Saturday started off restful but I had suggested to Suzanne that we go do some plant shopping, so it didn’t last. (The Botanic Park is rumoured to be closing out their native tree nursery and, since the prices were always good, we wanted to get some trees before they were no longer in stock. It probably wont be a problem unless the rumour spreads more.) Along with that we ran a bunch of other errands. However, since Suzanne had to borrow her dad’s truck for us to get the trees I could spend the time just looking out the car window as she drove. Always a nice change of scenery from the wind-shield. Especially since she had to ccome home at ~15mph to keep the trees from beating to pieces. Impressively they still had flowers on them when we got them home.

Sunday we had lunch with one of Suzanne’s family’s friends and then stopped by my parents for a visit in the evening.

Monday I got ‘stuck’ spending the day boating for work. Oh, the pressure. – Suzanne is now over her mom’s house listening to the Legislative Assembly on the radio and talking politics (I assume; its what she was doing here before she went over).

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One Response to Monday

  1. Luana says:

    Lol! Oh John…I do enjoy reading your blogs ;o)

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