Another Week

Lets see, what happened this week. … Tuesday & Wednesday were office days. (Monday was a day on the water.) Thursday was supposed to be a water day and we got the boat loaded and almost out of the yard before deciding we really didn’t have enough people to do the job properly and to not waste gas/time doing a foreshortened survey. So we backed it back, unloaded again and spent the day at our computers. In the evening one of Suzanne’s sisters had us all over for dinner. Mmm, good and healthy. It raised the bar for whoever does sister-supper next, which I believe is our turn. Oops. Friday evening I hung out with some friends shooting the breeze and letting the rush hour traffic die off and Suzanne made the second pizza for supper for the week. The weekend had officially started. (She found some turkey peproni which makes a decent pizza topping without being as oily as the regular one.)

Saturday we gardened. I laid out ground cloth under the potted plants in our nursery so the plants are now more organised and (hopefully) less likely to take root. Suzanne re-potted a couple of plants, having dug up one of the   bougainvillea that wasn’t doing so good where it was by the time I finished breakfast and got outside. I made up for this by making lunch. (It was spaghetti and the meat was already cooked and Suzanne decided to mix up her own meat sauce anyway instead of using what I had done but I did cook the pasta so that counts.) Later it was to her church’s tea party (finger foods heavy on the cakes and such) for a bit then some grocery shopping for Sunday. After seasoning the meat up we did more shopping for Sunday and went to a friend’s to play pictionary. And eat more pizza. And brownies. (Can you tell it was a good weekend?)

Sunday Suzanne was up early making cornbeef sandwiches for church, which we ate for breakfast in our garden. then we went to mass which was followed by Mothers Day Coffee Morning of finger food (cornbeef sandwich and a brownie – can you see the trend?) After that, while Suzanne cooked the seasoned meat I went to visit my mom for Mothers Day. Her mothers day treat is to skip church and take it easy so it was a good time to visit. Then we went to Suzanne’s mothers’ day lunch. (The apostrophe is outside the S back there because of the number of mothers present.) Not finger food (definitely) but several cakes for desert. We’ve now put our feet up for the rest of the evening and will have to eat nothing but lettuce for the rest of the week just to make up for such a good weekend. … Nah!

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