It was a long and busy weekend as well. Sunday was the slow day after doing a lot of chores on Saturday. Monday was a holiday so my dad & I decided to go fishing. As I was driving there I couldn’t see the sunrise because of the thunder clouds that were building up. It wasn’t that bad after the sun came up and in fact stayed bright and sunny all morning. But there were a lot of big lightening clouds around so we decided that "not everything unfortunate is a misfortune" as my grand-papy apparently used to say. (I first heard my dad with that on Monday as we were looking at the lightening over the water.) So we watched the two football games instead. Then I came home and did some accounts. And Suzanne came home and we did more accounts.  I fixed a broken wheelbarrow in the evening and we got the mail, which was mostly bills, so I did more accounts that night.

Tuesday we woke up at 5am to go walking and Suzanne peeked out of the covers and decided it was too dark so we slept in another bit before dragging ourselves out on the road. Work was busy and then I had organised a Coral Disease talk that evening. It went well, two hours of lecture. Afterwards we went out for a bite to eat but no one’s heart was really in it. I guess the two hours was longer than we had thought. By the time I got home Suzanne decided it was too late at night to go walking the next morning.

By Wednesday, unfortunately, my head was waking up about 5am as it had the last two days so I went for a walk and now Suzanne is just finishing her maekup so we can carpool to work.

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