Oops. Missed the weekend again. Fast review

Friday – The Importance of Being Earnest. My sister was able to join us (or vice/versa) which was good since its aparently her favourite play. Wow. How cultured do you need to be to have a favourite play. I want to be like that when I grow up. (Maybe Wicked, or Lady in White, or are they too modern?)

Saturday – Kalookie. A card game Suzanne liked in college but hasn’t played since so I got some friends over for a games night. I even managed to surprise Suzanne with what we were playing. It went well. Very well considering I had invited perhaps a few too many friends. But I’m not sure that’s really a problem.

Sunday – My dad preached at church so we had lunch by them and watched the football game.

Monday – First day of National Conservation Law serious PR. Which meant radio at mid day then into one presentation then into the second.

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