Busy Week-end

Its been a busy last half of the week.
Thursday I was able to have some friends over. A couple I know from the UK were down visiting and I was able to return their many hosted diners. My cousin and her English husband joined us, as planed from last week. Then I found out another friend of mine was in town for a fortnight from England. So he got added. And another friend of he & I just moved back to Cayman last week sooo, that made 7 people around my dinning room table. I think its about time to get a bigger apartment.

Friday was running around in circles getting stuff ready for the store’s appearance at the Island Living show. I spent a lot of time waiting for printers to finish their work. I didn’t get the second half of one print run until 6pm, fortunately the printer had random magazines in his store where I had camped out waiting for him to finish (they closed at 5pm and weren’t open Saturday; not that I didn’t trust he’d call when it was done Friday but I wasn’t taking any chances).  Unfortunately by the time I got to a Friday Farewell Party (after another happy-hour lime, after getting the stuff to the show) the place was in darkness so I missed thought I had the wrong night. turns out I didn’t. Oh well, next time he leaves.

Saturday was a lazy morning then running around for the show all afternoon, not that I did much but drive things and people around.

Sunday morning it was back to the show site to move everything with the help of the moving guys again. Ours was the second-to-last pile (and they were coming back fo rthe last company after they did my run) so it was funny to see these two piles of material in the middle of this big empty hall; even the booth partitions had all been packed away.

Its been a busy week. But at least now my leather lounge chair is back so I can go put my feet up and relax for the afternoon.

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