Monday – Was a regular day of getting work done. i was able to do some reading in the evening, which was pleasant.

Tuesday – We had a few friends over. It started late and stayed small but quality, my friends, quality. We had a very good catch-up with a diverse group who
hadn’t been together for a while. Very enjoyable and a reminder of why we all need to get together more often. (Not that it will happen, but we can hope.)

Wednesday – We went to ‘dinner and a movie’ after work, after a late day at work for me. I am sooo behind this week its embarrassing. And Thursday didn’t help.

Thursday – We both took today off to run errands. It has worked out quite well. we’ve been going pretty much constantly since our walk this morning. Suzanne says I tricked her by suggesting we would be able to sleep in on our day off. In my defence I hadn’t expected to go walking (I’ve been off schedule in recent weeks because of rain and other issues, but the rain has let up now) and I expected her to get up with me even less. I then trimmed some bush in the yard and we checked on appliances and life insurance for our planned new building and got cereal for breakfast tomorrow; later I collect glass tops for our dressers and we moved a grill into our yard. Suzanne’ll probably really want me to grill things now. (Hopefully I can set the grill up so she can do it herself.) She’s also watched several "Earth" videos during her rest day.

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