Its been a long and busy day and week.  Things are getting done but there’s always more to do. Tomorrow we’re back out for conch survey, however. At least that particular project has ends to it. We survey and its done. I enter the data (later, as things are looking) and its done. I plug the data into some existing spreadsheets, update the graphs and send the reports out. Done. Niiice. The other work that needs to be done simultaneously? Not so well organised (its a huge one-off project) so its going a lot slower generating that report. I put in extra time last Saturday and will probably have to do so again this Saturday. Bummer-de-bum-bum. – I’ve also started back working on the nursery in the side yard. Re-potted one of the trees today. it was a good bit of work and I hope it survives. I had some extra energy and soil so I re-potted a second, smaller, plant as well, but that was easy and should be fine. Fortunately its roots had not gone through the black plastic weed barrier; the big tree had just been on soil and had rooted well – that’s how we learned our lesson to put down the root barrier. Unfortunately it doesn’t work great so some others have rooted even through it so at some point this week I need to get a different product so that we can get around to moving all the plants on to new barrier in the hopes that helps. The other option, turning them every few days, sounds more work in the long term and I’m unconvinced of its efficacy. Or that we’d remember to do it.
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