I got out for a little walk this morning. Quite little, less than 15 minutes, because my knee was hurting when I went to bed and my back had joined it by the time I woke up. And I thought sleeping was supposed to be invigorating. But at least I got out for a walk for the first morning in a while. Can’t brag though as Suzanne went to the gym. But I also watered the plants, so that’s extra brownie points for me.

Even with a busy pre-morning I was on my way to work early when I got called in to be computer tech support for my mother-in-law. And why was I going to work early? Well, to get extra work done. Because the morning was going to get eaten up by a meeting. But at least we had snacks.

Still, I managed to get all my necessary work done in the afternoon. Just not the ‘always pending’ work as well. Then after work was a working committee meeting. I’m taking tomorrow off work because I’ve been slacking at my ‘homework’ and need to get caught back up. Hopefully that will give me a good jump start on the weekend. Or not. We’ll see tomorrow how long my good intentions hold out.

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