I missed Monday’s update because as I was getting ready to write something incredibly pithy we got a call from teh security company about a technical glitch at Suzanne’s store, which meant we had t go there in the rain and sort it out. Which made up for Monday morning. It was a new week. We were going walking. Suzanne took two steps out the door, announced her hair couldn’t get wet, and reappeared inside the house. I of course needed no further urging. By the time she looked back out and thought it had stopped spraying I was already upstairs with my shoes off. By the time I got downstairs with my shoes in one hand and laptop in the other it had started spraying again.

Tuesday we didn’t even pretend to try as it had been raining all night. So I took a work boat out in the rain instead. It wasn’t a bad day. Quite calm. Mostly just overcast and light spray all morning. Until mid day. When it started to rain properly. I still feel wet. Still, could be worse, I could live in Central America. As things are I’ve had a productive two days and the weather has been nice and cool.

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